During Week 29 the world opened up.  We decided to take our chances and see what it was all about.

Not knowing what to expect, we brought our masks and hand sanitizer and headed to Mystic for the day.  Checking out The Engine Room, Mystic Aquarium, and Olde Mystic Village.

The Engine Room

An adorable lunch spot, The Engine Room had outdoor seating only.  It was packed.  There were two different areas to sit, and we were afraid of having a long wait.  I gave our name, and number to the hostess.  She told me it would be about 20 minutes.  Luckily, there are stores nearby that we can bee bop around.

We put our masks on and walked into the first store.  It was small and cute, the ladies were really nice, and the items were all nautical but a little more than I wanted to pay.  When we left we walked down the street towards the water.  By the time we got to the next block my phone went off for lunch.

When we arrived back to the restaurant she gave us a table on the deck right by the hostess station.  It was a perfect spot with the umbrella open.  To use the ladies room I had to put your mask on since I was going inside.  But luckily, sitting outside no masks were necessary for patrons.

Ordering off a paper menu felt normal for sitting outside.  Other places will allow you to keep the menus some take them back to discard.  She did the latter.  Walter flirted with female diners and enjoyed his time being outside.

After lunch was over we headed to the aquarium.

Mystic Aquarium

I purchased tickets before we left since they only allowed a certain amount of people in at once.  Online it mentioned that it was for the outdoors only and all inside stuff was currently closed.  I did feel that $52.00 for 2 of us, Walter being free, was a bit expensive for what we got.

When we got there a lady checked my phone to make sure we arrived at the time allotted for us.  She let us go in to get in line (with another quick trip to the bathroom, because it’s what I do now).  When we got to the front there was a small building and only one of us was allowed in at a time.  I went in first and saw a man was checking temperatures from afar.  He sat in a little booth and behind a clear plastic barrier at what I believe was a computer.  He told me I was all set, and then Dave and Walter went in.  I felt comfortable knowing they were doing that for everyone.

Masks on and we were ready for Walter’s first trip to the aquarium.  First up was Beluga Whales.  We walked over to the top of the tank and watched them swim for a few minutes but he didn’t seem interested.  When we brought him down to the bottom where the piece of plexiglass was he changed his tune.  We took him out of the stroller and he was so excited to see the the whales coming and going right by him.  We stayed there the longest.

Letting him walk a bit, because the stroller was no place for him at this point, we headed to the next section: sea lions and seals.  This one had the plexiglass as well, however it wasn’t under the water.  He liked it better when we picked him up and he could see the heads pop up every once in a while.  It reminded me of Whack-A-Mole.

Other animals, that we mostly just walked by, were frogs and turtles (hidden in lily pads or far enough away that Walter couldn’t see what we were pointing at).  Alligators (or crocodiles who knows) that Dave believes were fake, and I thought were real.  Lastly, my favorite, African Penguins.  They are super cute because they are little and I want them for my pool.  Walter liked them, but his attention span was getting shorter.

We decided to head to Olde Mystic Village before we went home.

Olde Mystic Village

Olde Mystic Village is by far one of my favorite memories as a child, I guess all of Mystic is, but walking around always brings me back.  It was always a joy to go with my parents and will be something we do often as a family as our kids grow.

We went to Alice’s Tearoom and grabbed iced teas.  Sat down on a bench to drink them and then I jumped into the Gardenscapes store.  Being a bit weird because you are still wearing a mask and there are arrows pointing you the only direction you could go.  However; what bothered me most is that a lot of us want to look at stuff and don’t always leave room in the aisles for other people to get through.  I broke the rules and went the wrong way – in a store of 7 people.

When I left the store Dave and I decided to leave Mystic.  It wasn’t the same feeling I used to have as a child.  Too crowded for our liking due to the virus and that made us both a little uncomfortable.

Overall we had a great day.  I am excited to see what the future holds for this quaint town and our small state.  Now that the weather is nice, everyone wants to get out.

This coming week we hit 30 weeks, enjoy Father’s Day festivities, celebrate my in-laws, and head to Maine for a night.  Now that Dave is done with school we can enjoy the summer together as a family before we add to it.  Who knew that being off from work would have such a delightful side effect.  What do you enjoy doing over the summer as a family that won’t change much due to Covid?