Sometimes I have such a good week that it flies by and I’m at a loss of what to write.  Week 28 was one of those weeks.  I had to look back at my calendar to see what I did.  It flew by because: I got my hair done, went to the vet, got our first CSE (basically a CSA with more goodies), took my Glucose test, and saw my Naturopath.

There was so much that happened, I actually slept well the majority of the week too.  Apparently keeping busy and doing more physical activity allows you to sleep better at night because your body is tired, in my opinion anyway.  I also made tons of pancakes, and a few other delicious items that I will be showcasing in Mangia, hopefully this week.

Getting my hair done during COVID-19

I was VERY excited to get my hair done.   The weeks leading up to it were nerve wracking simply because I had an appointment that was then moved to the following week because our Governor decided to change the rules on us again.  Which is fine, but just made me that much more scared.  My salon however did an amazing job.  The new protocols they put in place were following the guidelines and made me feel safe.

My hairdresser, Sarah, is also pregnant, she’s 4 weeks ahead of me, and super adorable.  I was greeted by her at my car and she was dolled up in her apron, mask, goggles and a face shield.  Obviously glowing under all of it.  We went inside and went right to her chair and she taped my mask to my face so that she could color my hair without getting anything on it.

The rest of the appointment was pretty much normal.  However; she couldn’t blow dry my hair, I couldn’t touch any products on the shelves to purchase, and she checked me out instead of the receptionist.  Other than that the only other thing that changed was making my next appointment.  I let them know when I want to come in next, and they will call me as it approaches to set it up.

Going to the Vet

Heading to the vet is always scary for us because Lucy is 14 (15 in July).  We never know what to expect and we feel like there is always something new to worry about.  We weren’t disappointed this time either.  They found something new, the remainder of her teeth need to be removed.

About 5 years ago we were told that Lucy had to get her teeth out.  They weren’t in good shape and she was in a lot of pain.  We had no idea, she never showed us she was in pain.  She ate fine, she played a lot, she seemed normal.  The Vet said that once we remove her teeth she will have way more energy (we thought that was impossible) and a longer life.  That is all we needed to hear to agree that we will remove them.

The process for something like this is to put her under anesthesia and remove them.   They monitor her for the remainder of the day and then you can pick her up at night.  The part that was the worst for us is putting her under anesthesia.  She is SO little, just over 6 pounds.  She can’t tell me how she is feeling, if it is something she feels needs to get done.

Apparently, they were able to keep 4 teeth in – and those are now the ones that need to come out.  Now we start this whole process over.  To make things better for us our vet is sending us to a specialist.  A doggy dentist – we go in July for a consultation, and if he feels we need surgery, we do it that day.

Our first CSE: Community Supported Everything

Better known as a CSA: Community Supported Agriculture, a CSE is a one stop shop to a weekly pickup of fresh produce from local farms that also includes other food items and alcohol from local companies.

Every week we will receive the following items:

  • Produce – which will change depending on what is available that week
  • 1 loaf of Sourdough bread
  • 1 box of chocolates
  • 4 pack of beer or canned cocktail – I think we can also opt for a bottle of wine
  • A cheese wedge
  • 1 pound of ground beef
  • A dozen eggs

We were so excited to pick it up this week, everything was delectable.  Some of the produce I have never seen or heard of before (like kohlrabi) and some of the stuff I would have never tried if it wasn’t for this (like radishes).  Other produce included: Swiss chard, leeks, arugula, and kale.  It was definitely a lot of fun to figure out recipes and cook new things up with Dave.

Glucose Test

This might have been the strangest thing I did this week, and possibly the only thing that irritated me.  Fingers crossed I don’t fail.

I checked on Quest’s website about COVID changes.  They said the first hour (6a-7a) is reserved for those over 60 and pregnant women, PERFECT.  Apparently, not a rule they actually follow.  I got there around 5:45 because there is always a line.  I had 3 guys in front of me, the first 2 are under 40, the next one was probably in his 60’s, and then me.  We are all social distancing, but the first two guys are able to sit on benches while waiting for it to open and I got to lean against a wall for 20 minutes.  My own personal complaint, I know the world doesn’t owe me anything and that just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean people HAVE to cater to me.

Going in there are 2 kiosks where you can check in, they were 3 feet from one another.  I waited about 20 minutes before I got called in.  It was a pretty easy process.  You had 45 minutes to drink this gatorade/kool-aid type orange drink, wait an hour, and then get your blood drawn.  I pretty much pretended I was back in college and chugged it (laughable 45 minute rule).  Then she told me I could wait in the waiting room, the hallway, or in my car.  I chose the latter because I could take my mask off.

I went back in about 5 minutes before the hour was up and sat in the hall.  She came out to get me, took my blood, and off I went.  I find out this week whether I failed or not.

Last minute Naturopath visit

Surprisingly my Naturopath had a cancellation this week and was able to see me.  I was supposed to see him last week but was on a waiting list and never got a call.  He asked me how I was doing, and as you can tell, I had a fantastic week.  I explained to him about 85% amazing the other 15% of life is still scary.

Telling him how nervous I still am with the whole virus, but trying to make changes and go back to living somewhat of a normal life.  I also told him about not taking my pills the past couple of weeks, and how I have been eating dairy.  Having a dairy allergy is difficult to navigate especially when sometimes there are no other choices.  He was disappointed in me and told me I had done better.  I need to get back on track.  The dairy allergy is most likely going to be a problem with the next baby.  It is a problem with Walter – and for his pregnancy I only ate dairy the first trimester, this one I haven’t really stopped.

Staying positive is going to be the best thing for us.  I can’t explain how excited I am that the quarantine is lifting slowly.  It has been a long few months not being able to do anything.  The mask is still making things scary and uncomfortable, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.  How was your week?