Everyone knows you have cravings when you’re pregnant.  But it’s not always the average pickles 🥒 & ice cream 🍦.  Especially when you’re in the middle of a pandemic 😳.

Pregnancy cravings are a real thing. They seriously have me baking on a weekly basis – sometimes twice a week. Being locked in our home (when not at work) and cooking morning, noon, and night you would think I’d be satisfied.  

Instead, my cravings have gone from one or two things to a disgusting amount of snacks (mostly) before bed.  Which is also causing insomnia, but I’ll leave that for another post.  

Then you have quarantined cravings.  Quarantined cravings are much worse, because it’s not just food you’re longing for.  

My current cravings are:

– Tea (iced & hot)

– Chips & crackers – specifically Ruffles and tomato & basil Wheat Thins

– Boy Meets World

– Chocolate (milk & cookies, Entemann’s chocolate donuts)

– Family & friends / wine

– Wishing I had access to Instacart

– The crying to end & my normal level of anxiety

– Bottomless food & the stomach to handle it

– Wine

– The new normal

Can you guess which are pregnancy related and which are quarantined related?

The First Pregnancy

For my pregnancy with Walter, I clearly remember wanting burgers. All. The. Time.  This time around, I literally want to indulge in junk food. Salty and sweet. Sometimes I picture myself doing the backstroke through sprinkles and salt crystals 🤦🏻‍♀️.  

At the present moment it’s chips and chocolate, not to be confused with chocolate chips, which I still have by the handful as a treat.  By the way, I still love burgers, and wouldn’t turn them down. 🍔

Once I ran out of the Entenmann’s I started making my own desserts.  I’ve tried new recipes off Pinterest like Brownie Pie. I even tried my hand at sugar cookie decorating (see below for the final product #NailedIt 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🐇🐤🌷). 

A friend of mine put up a chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s to die for and I will never use another (plus, I made it dairy free 🍪), and Dave’s birthday was last weekend, so we had cake. 

Have you spent close to $200 on snacks just to find out they only last a few days? No? Me neither. 😅 

Am I eating so much because I’m pregnant?  Bored?  Emotional?  Stressed?  My guess is all of the above.

The storm we were all catapulted into hit most of us by surprise.  No one was prepared, except our doomsday prepped friends. 

Everyone keeps saying “we are going to get through this together”,  “we are all in it together”.  How do we get through this together, yet a part? No one has those answers.  I know my mom always said, “this to shall pass” and now I see that everyone is saying it.  One day at a time I guess.

I spoke to my naturopath after last week’s OB appointment and he said to me that even in a storm I should take a walk.  He meant literally when it’s raining and windy to still get outside.  Oh joy! If you know me you know I am always cold and hate walking so this should be fun. 

The figurative part makes more sense at this point because we finally have time to stop and smell the roses.


If we knew this was coming I can assure you my husband and I would have chatted longer about bringing a child into the world now vs. when things became “normal” again.  Though you and I both know it will be a new normal.  I wonder what will stick? 

As far as seeing family & friends: video chatting has been a great tool.  It’s nice to just have a regular conversation about things that aren’t 100% COVID-19 related.  Though let’s be serious, all of them somehow lead back to the virus, it’s difficult for them not to.

The memes about being out of the quarantine by 4th of July so we can celebrate our freedom are by far my favorite.  Will this be over by then? Can we go to the grocery store to stock up for summer picnics without wearing masks? Are picnics allowed? Maybe I’m just craving a burger 🤔.

I know my cravings list consisted of wine, and obviously it doesn’t mix well with pregnancy. Wine is a social thing to me though. It’s there when my family is, when my friends are, when the sun is rising – I mean setting. The social distancing doesn’t allow me to have social interactions and this adorable fetus doesn’t allow me to have wine.  What’s a girl to do?

My anxiety is through the roof right now.  

Working full-time (if you know me you know what I do and the daily stress that already causes me) even when the Dr wants you out but that would mean no paycheck. Making sure my toddler and husband are fed.  Plus, spring cleaning (that’s what I call picking up the house now – it’s fancy, don’t judge) and growing a baby.  All are hard work.

Let’s not forget to mention the organization of things like appointments: doctors for all three of us, furnace cleaning, pool opening (first world problem, I know) still have to get done too.

What about making sure Walter is on the right development path: talking, walking, no more bottles, and his move to a bigger room.  Making sure we have everything we need for our newest addition is also on my “to-do” list.

What I learned this week is that I should meal prep – my desserts mainly, come up with a schedule for cleaning, be sure to get outside every day, and taking everything one day at a time.

Have you guys been doing anything besides worrying, eating and binge-watching Boy Meets World? Comment below and let me know, especially if they alleviate anxiety.